how much are horror nights tickets

How Much Are Horror Nights Tickets?

HHN Express Passes vary in price, ranging from $89.99, plus tax, per person to $189.99, plus tax, per person. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for Florida residents, annual passholders, or anyone else. Here is what the pricing looks like for 2021: $89.99 – Sept.Sep 7, 2021

Will there be Halloween Horror Nights 2021?

Halloween Horror Nights will run on select nights at Universal Studios Hollywood starting September 9. The 30th annual HHN at Universal Studios Orlando will kick off on September 3.

Do you need a separate ticket for Halloween Horror Nights?

Halloween Horror Nights requires a separate ticket from regular theme park admission. Make sure to purchase in advance (bonus: you can save money too). You don’t want to have to wait in any more lines than you have to! We always get asked if the Express Passes are worth it.

How busy is Halloween Horror Nights 2021?

Halloween Horror Nights 2021 admission – crowd calendar

To put it more generally, like any theme-park event, Saturdays are busiest. That means, on the other hand, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and the first two weeks tend to be some of the least-crowded nights.

Can a 11 year old go to Halloween Horror Nights?


Can they touch you at Halloween Horror Nights?

18. Can They Touch You at Halloween Horror Nights? Team Members at Universal Orlando are not allowed to touch theme park guests, so you’re good to go!

Can you ride the rides during Halloween Horror Nights?

If you can’t get Universal Express and you miss Early Entry, save the year-round rides for after you have done your favorite mazes and scare zones (you can ride the rides any other day of the year). The heart of Halloween Horror Nights is in the Lower Lot and usually the Backlot.

Does Horror Nights sell alcohol?

A. No, alcohol will not be served nor permitted at Universal Studios Hollywood during Halloween Horror Nights.

How can I not be scared of Halloween Horror Nights?

I turned to them for some tips on how to survive Halloween Horror Nights — and other haunted houses.
  1. Walk confidently through haunted houses and other scare zones.
  2. Take a daytime tour of the haunted houses.
  3. Wear earplugs.
  4. Try a dose of liquid courage.
  5. Do something else to get a break from being scared.

Can I give my Halloween Horror Nights ticket to someone else?

Friends and Family Discount

*Valid Annual or Season Pass required for purchase. … Offer is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other promotions, prior purchases, separately ticketed events, discounts, Halloween Horror Nights or per capita sightseeing tours.

What is the best day to go to Halloween Horror Nights?

Based on what we know for Halloween horror nights so far, the best nights to visit tend to be weekdays during the first two weeks which will be between September 3rd – September 17th.

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At what time does Halloween Horror Nights start?

6:30 p.m.
Halloween Horror Nights starts at 6:30 p.m. on select nights and operates until 1:00 a.m. in September and until 2:00 a.m. in October.

How many haunted houses are there in Halloween Horror Nights?

10 haunted houses
The annual 42-night event takes place around Halloween and includes 10 haunted houses.

Can a 6 year old go to Halloween Horror Nights?

Only You Know Your Child

As we’ve covered, although the recommendation from Universal is to not bring a child into the event if they are under the age of 13, we’ve seen plenty of children at the event a lot younger and having a blast.

Can you take a baby to Halloween Horror Nights?

If you are taking a pause to wonder if your child can handle HHN, the answer is probably no. Instead of testing their fortitude at HHN consider going to a Horror convention or a local, small business haunted house first to gauge their reaction. Some kids can handle it, some cannot.

how much are horror nights tickets
how much are horror nights tickets

How much does Halloween Horror Nights cost?

Tickets: $69-$99 general admission; $189-$279 Universal Express; $229-$319 Universal Express Unlimited; $99-$139 after 2 p.m. day/night general admission passes; $219-$329 Universal Express after 2 p.m. Not recommended for children under the age of 13.

Is Horror Nights actually scary?

It is very very scary. The makeup the costumes and the actors are fantastic but they act a part which is very convincing. If you are prone to nightmares then I would suggest staying away. Some of our party are going this time as they love it but I have been twice and it was enough for me.

What happens if a scare actor touches you?

They’re Not Allowed To Touch You

HHN scare actors are allowed to chase you. They can jump out from places and say BOO. They can threaten to cut you into little itty bitty pieces with their chainless chain saws. But they are not allowed to touch you.

Can you bring a backpack to Horror Nights?

All Visitors Must Pass Through Metal Detection Before Experiencing the Theme Park. All bags, backpacks and purses are subject to x-ray and/or additional inspection by Universal security without advance notice and should not be left unattended. Do not physically or verbally threaten or harass any person.

How do you prepare for Horror Nights?

  1. #1 – Pick your Halloween Horror Nights 2021 nights very carefully. …
  2. #2 – Select the right number of nights to visit. …
  3. #3 – Pack your wallet and start preparing now. …
  4. #4 – Head east! …
  5. #5 – Parking isn’t free, either. …
  6. #6 – Watch the forecast. …
  7. #7 – On a brighter note, wear sunglasses. …
  8. #8 – Eat before they try to eat you.
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How long are the lines at Horror Nights?

How to save time at Halloween Horror Nights. The lines for the most popular Universal Orlando HHN houses can get as long as three hours, with average wait times around at least an hour or more for popular houses based on movies and TV shows.

How much are HHN tickets Hollywood?

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights Tickets 2021 (Full – Online Price) 2021 Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Night tickets cost $69 to $99 plus processing fee if you buy online directly from Universal Studios’ website, depending on the day you wish to visit.

Is Harry Potter world open during Halloween Horror Nights Orlando?

Is Harry Potter World open during Halloween Horror Nights? Diagon Alley, the part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Florida, is open during the event, as is the Escape from Gringotts Ride.

What mazes are at Horror Nights 2021?

Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights 2021 Mazes Ranked, Including The Walking Dead And Halloween
  • (Image credit: (AMC)) …
  • The Exorcist. …
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre. …
  • The Curse Of Pandora’s Box. …
  • Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives. …
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. …
  • The Haunting Of Hill House.

How many mazes are in Horror Nights?

Between seven mazes, “The Forever Purge” Terror Tram, and three scare zones, there’s inarguably a thinner spread of usual creeptacular delights. Let’s get to the breakdown of what’s best, what’s worst, and why it’s still worth Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights comeback.

Can they touch you at Scream a geddon?

Guests are not allowed to touch the monsters, props, or scenes inside of our haunted house attractions. The monsters inside of our haunted house attractions do not touch you, but they do get very close.

Can they touch you at Howl O Scream?

Face coverings are not required to be worn at Howl-O-Scream Orlando. … Unlike in particular areas of Halloween Horror Night haunted houses, there is no use of plexiglass in the Howl-O-Scream Orlando haunted houses. And, occasionally, scareactors may walk in front or behind you, but you will not be touched.

How do people enjoy haunted houses?

Don’t let yourself dwell on your fears before you go in.

Nothing bad is going to happen to you in the haunted house; you’re safe. To ease your nerves, do something light-hearted or fun before the haunted house. Try going out to eat, spending time with friends, or watching a funny movie or TV show.

Is HHN loud?

Halloween Horror Nights is unavoidably loud and dark, even if you don’t go in the haunted houses. Even if you try to avoid the scare zones, you’ll probably run into a chainsaw-wielding maniac at some point.

Can you sell Horror Night tickets?

Halloween Horror Nights is a separate ticketed event at Universal Studios Florida. That means regular admission to the park is not accepted at HHN. Universal is willing to sell you full-price tickets at the park, but resist that urge. Save time and money by purchasing your ticket online.

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Does Halloween Horror Nights include Islands of Adventure?

Halloween Horror Nights takes place in Universal Studios Florida, not in Islands of Adventure.

What is a scare zone?

Although everyone has different preferences, the scare zones are the places where the whole Halloween Horror Nights experience comes to life. It is more than just waiting for the extreme scare where actors pop up around the corner. These experiences can leave an impression after you leave the park.

How old do you have to be to work at Universal?

18 years old
At least 18 years old.

What is the theme for Halloween Horror Nights 2021?

Never go alone
What is the Halloween Horror Nights 2021 theme? For this giant anniversary year, Universal is going with the theme of, “Never go alone.”Aug 30, 2021

Can a 8 year old go to Halloween Horror Nights?

Universal Studios Orlando’s Age Warning

Located directly on the website, Universal Orlando does not recommend Halloween Horror Nights for children under the age of 13. However, from attending the event, that does not stop parents from talking younger children.

How scary is Halloween kills?

Halloween Kills Is Bloody, But Maybe Not Scary

A good horror move can truly make you feel frightened and uneasy. For others, horror is about the visuals, blood, guts and violence.

Is Universal Halloween scary?

This season, Universal Orlando is celebrating the 30th year of Halloween Horror Nights, a truly terrifying nighttime event that might just be the most intense, immersive Halloween event at any theme park in the country. It’s way too scary for young kids (and, let’s be honest, for plenty of adults, too).

Can the actors touch you at Spooky World?

On the Haunted Hayride, characters / monsters may jump on the trailer and possibly touch. Inside the other 3 haunted attractions, the characters will not touch you. We kindly ask you not touch them!

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