how to be a tsa officer

How To Be A Tsa Officer?

What Are Some of the Requirements Needed to Submit an Application for Employment with the TSA?
  1. Must be a US citizen.
  2. Must be 18 years old or older.
  3. Must possess a high school diploma or GED.
  4. Must be able to pass a drug screening and medical evaluation.
  5. Pass a background investigation (credit check and a criminal check).

Is it hard to become a TSA officer?

While you can apply to the TSA with only the basic requirements, it can be a very competitive process. Most TSA agents have additional education beyond a high school diploma and many also have great experience to place on their resume as well.

How much money does a TSA officer make?

How Much Do TSA Jobs Pay per Hour?
Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $90,000 $43
75th Percentile $62,500 $30
Average $53,453 $26
25th Percentile $30,000 $14

Do TSA agents make good money?

The mean annual pay for TSA agents is $40,160 or $19.31 per hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2016. An attractive benefits package includes medical insurance, dental and vision benefits, retirement, paid sick and vacation leave.

Is TSA an easy job?

Its not an easy job and while people may hate going through the screening, imagine if terrorist didn’t and they continued to hijack US planes and fly into buildings in the US. You are safe because of TSA and never forget that. Regardless of how long you wait or what kind of screening you go through, you are safe.

What is TSA starting pay?

TSA Salaries
Job Title Salary
TSO (Transportation Security Officer) salaries – 4 salaries reported $20/hr
TSA OFFICER salaries – 4 salaries reported $17/hr
TSA OFFICER salaries – 2 salaries reported $19/hr
Transportation Security Officer salaries – 2 salaries reported $18/hr

Do TSA carry guns?

While firearms may be transported in checked baggage (provided they are declared to the airline, in a proper carrying case and unloaded), they are prohibited in carry-on bags.

Do TSA agents fly for free?

Unlike cabin crew members, flight attendants, and other airlines employees, TSA agents don’t receive perks like free space-available air travel or the occasional free meal.

How long is the TSA academy?

Expect to face about 120 hours of training – including both classroom and on the job training. As of 2016 a new consolidated training program was instituted. New hires will attend a TSA training program in the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia lasting nine days.

Is TSA a good job?

Stable employment, no layoffs during COVID. Many people move on to law enforcement, CBP, and other places from here. Overtime opportunities, but rarely ever mandatory overtime. Pay is not very high.

Usually paid every two weeks except when furloughed.

Is TSA a government job?

Even though TSA officers are federal employees, they don’t have the same rights as other employees at other agencies, thanks to the law creating TSA that gave the agency wide discretion on what it wants to do with employees.

Is TSA a union job?

As the only union to represent and stand behind Transportation Security Officers since the beginning, AFGE is at the forefront of the struggle to secure rights and improve working conditions at TSA.

What are TSA shifts?

Almost all airports have two shifts for their employees: AM and PM. The AM shift starts approximately two hours before the first flight of the day, usually around 3am. The PM shift takes over around noon.

How many hours a week do TSA agents work?


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Standard PT tours of duty in TSA will consist of between 16 and 32 hours per week (32 to 64 hours per pay period).

how to be a tsa officer
how to be a tsa officer

How long does it take to get a TSA job?

The TSO hiring process takes about to 90 days on average. Review the process below to get a better idea of what to expect, and ensure you’re prepared every step of the way.

Where is TSA training?

The TSA Academy (TSA-A) is located on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) campus in Glynco, GA,. It is the primary home of TSO Basic Training Program Phase 2 for TSO new hires, and also provides training for Transportation Security Inspectors (TSI), Security Training Instructors (STI), and others.

Can TSA have beards?

According to the TSA handbook, officers are allowed to have facial hair, but it must be no longer than one-half inch in length. In addition, male officers cannot have hair that extends below their shirt collars, though they may use hair accessories, such as elastic bands, to put up their hair so that it doesn’t show.

Does TSA have pension?

The retirement benefit is a three-tiered benefit program comprised of the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), Social Security and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Maximum participation in these programs will ensure a financially secure retirement.

Can TSA have tattoos?

(a) Tattoos of any kind on the head, face, and exposed areas of the neck must be covered at all times and not visible to the general public. TSA issued and approved items such as turtlenecks or dickies may be used to cover tattoos on the lower neck.

Are airport police real police?

Airport police units are a security police agency assigned to perform law enforcement functions at airports. … In some cases, airport police are branches of larger general purposes agencies. “Airport Safety Officers,” are cross-trained in Fire, Emergency Medical Services, law enforcement, and even military units.

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Can an FBI agent carry a gun on a plane?

Agents are allowed to carry personal weapons, provided they do not violate the policies regarding firearms. Unless otherwise instructed, agents are required to be armed at all times.

Are TSA federal officers?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that has authority over the security of the traveling public in the United States.

Transportation Security Administration.
Agency overview
Preceding agency Federal Aviation Administration – Office of Civil Aviation Security

How much vacation does TSA get?

TSA grants personal leave days for vacation, illness, and family care as well as 10 paid holidays per year.

Does TSA provide uniforms?

Standard Uniforms: Officers are initially provided with a standard TSA uniform package. Current standard issue consists of 3 trousers, 3 short sleeve shirts, 3 long sleeve shirts, 2 neckties, 1 sweater vest, 1 team jacket, 2 pairs of shoulder boards, 1 belt, 3 pairs of socks, and 1 nametag.

Is the TSA academy hard?

It’s a very difficult job,” 19-year-old Yasmine Cerda said. “It’s a challenge. But it’s a rewarding challenge.” This is the first time since the agency’s reaction post-9/11 that the TSA has centralized training of newly hired screeners who make between $31,000 to $45,000 a year.

Can you have piercings working for TSA?

Yes they do. No face piercings. You may want to inquire at your interview to receive a definitive answer. Generally nothing must distract…

What do TSA agents look for?

Even passengers who normally receive expedited screening, such as TSA PreCheck™ passengers, may at times receive a pat-down. A pat-down may include inspection of the head, neck, arms, torso, legs, and feet. This includes head coverings and sensitive areas such as breasts, groin, and the buttocks.

What are TSA pay bands?

Pay Bands Range by Job
TSA Job Pay Band Range Minimum Starting Salary
Administrative Support D – F $28,013
Technical Support E – G $32,167
Para-Professional F – H $36,914
Professional F – L $36,914

Are TSA agents public servants?

“TSA employees are outstanding public servants who work on the frontlines, including throughout the pandemic, to keep the traveling American public safe,” Mayorkas said. … They are subject to a determination by the TSA administrator.

What are Title 5 rights?

Title 5 contains the Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act of 1974, the Congressional Review Act as well as authorization for government reorganizations such as Reorganization Plan No. … It also is the Title that specifies Federal holidays (5 U.S.C. § 6103).

Does TSA get overtime?

For part-time employees under an FSWS, overtime hours are all hours of work in excess of the FSWS for a day (must be more than 8 hours) or for a week (must be more than 40 hours). (2) Overtime and compensatory time are earned in accordance with the TSA’s premium pay policy provided in TSA MD 1100.55-8, Premium Pay.

What hours does TSA work?

Those shifts are: • Full-time: 40 hrs. per week • Part-time: 25 hrs. per week consisting five (5) workdays per week with five (5) hour shifts per day.

Is TSA a good stepping stone?

The security career path offers several positions with benefits, opportunities for growth and continued education. A security career with TSA also acts as an effective stepping-stone for anyone looking to work in federal government.

What should I wear to a TSA interview?

Dress is business attire – coat and tie, etc. You will sign another NDA agreeing not to disclose what questions are asked. During the Airport Assessment, you will also take a Color Vision Test and have your fingerprints taken.

What disqualifies you from being a TSA agent?


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Espionage or conspiracy to commit espionage. Sedition or conspiracy to commit sedition. Treason or conspiracy to commit treason. A federal crime of terrorism as defined in 18 U.S.C.

Does TSA have an academy?

Learn about the TSA Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Located in Georgia, this basic training is now required for all new TSA officers.

Do you have to shave for TSA?

Safety Razors: Because the razor blades are so easy to remove, safety razors are not permitted in your carry-on luggage with the blade. They’re fine to pack in your carry-on without the blade. The blades must be stored in your checked luggage.

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