how to fly southwest airlines

Do you need a negative Covid test to fly Southwest?

Submit an attestation (written documentation) to the U.S. Government, through Southwest®, that you are COVID-19 negative or have recently recovered from COVID-19. Each Passenger will be required to submit a form after receiving proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 1 day before your departure.

What is needed to fly Southwest?

All passengers 18 years of age and older must show a state or federally-issued photo identification to pass through security checkpoints. Acceptable forms of ID include a passport, driver’s license, military ID or permanent resident card.

How do I get my first flight on Southwest?

Since there are no assigned seats on Southwest flights, whoever walks onto the plane first gets his or her pick of seats. As a general rule, nobody particularly enjoys sitting in the middle seat, so those tend to be left over to the end of the boarding process, for stragglers in Group C.

What is it like to fly Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low-cost carrier, and it’s no wonder they’re so popular. Southwest offers some extremely low fares with the addition of standard perks like free checked bags, inflight refreshments, and award winning customer service.

Are masks required on Southwest flights?

What forms of mask are acceptable? Yes, Federal law requires each person to wear a mask at all times throughout the flight, including during boarding and deplaning. Refusing to wear a mask is a violation of federal law and may result in denial of boarding, removal from the aircraft, and/or penalties under federal law.

Is Southwest blocking middle seats?

Southwest Airlines was a standout for most of the coronavirus pandemic as it was one of the few airlines blocking seats to promote social distancing. Only 67% of seats were sold on its flights, allowing all rows to have at least the middle seat open.

Can I fly Southwest without a real ID?

Starting Oct. 1, 2020, all travelers 18 years of age and older will be required to have a Real ID-compliant driver’s license, or another acceptable form of identification, to fly in the United States. Minors do not need Real ID-compliant identification as long as they are accompanied by a compliant adult.

Does southwest require middle names?

We suggest using your first, middle, and last name in your reservation. The name entered in your reservation must match the government-issued identification carried by the Customer during their travel. Please note that including your Rapid Rewards number may not always prevent cases of mistaken identity.

What’s the difference between Southwest anytime and wanna get away?

The anytime fare is refundable/changeable and you will earn 10 rapid rewards points per dollar. … So the biggest difference is the wanna get away is the most restrictive fare and you earn the fewest points while the business select is most flexible with most points earned and the benefit of being in the A1-A15 boarding.

Are Southwest seats comfortable?

Seating and legroom are just as good as (and sometimes better than) the legacy carriers. If you’re seeking more legroom, look for a 737-800 or 737-MAX. These planes have a 32 inch pitch instead of 31 inches on the 700s. The “Evolve” seat comfort is adequate.

Are Southwest seats assigned?

At Southwest®, we let you sit where you like. We don’t assign seats on our flights, so feel free to sit in any available seat once you board the plane.

Do you have to be in uniform to board first Southwest?

Southwest requires that military be in uniform in order to receive boarding benefits. It’s well understood that many military passengers are unable to travel in uniform, even while on duty.

Is Southwest more expensive than Delta?

Southwest isn’t always the cheapest, but they’re typically cheaper than Delta. You want to avoid the hassle of flying through a massive airline hub. Southwest is largely a point-to-point carrier, meaning that there’s less of a chance of having to change planes at a major hub.

Is Southwest Airlines a bad airline?

Southwest Is A Safe Airline

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They are a favorite among travelers looking for cheap flights without having to compromise on comfort or security. According to the most recent list of the world’s safest airlines, Southwest was ranked in the top 15 airlines in the world in 2021, even beating out Delta, American, and United.

Is Southwest Airlines Safe 2021?

According to, Southwest Airlines is among the 20 safest airlines in the world in 2021. … The airlines were evaluated on their crash and serious incident records, audits, industry-leading safety initiatives and fleet age.

how to fly southwest airlines
how to fly southwest airlines

Do you need vaccine to fly?

The White House announced that vaccines will be required for international travelers coming into the United States, with an effective date of November 8, 2021. For purposes of entry into the United States, vaccines accepted will include FDA approved or authorized and WHO Emergency Use Listing vaccines.

Do you have to wear a mask on a plane if you are vaccinated?

Do I need to wear a mask if I have had a COVID-19 vaccine? Yes, the Order requires all people to wear a mask, including those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, if they are located indoors on a conveyance or indoors at a transportation hub.

Do you have to wear a mask while sleeping on a plane?

And thankfully, the federal mask mandate for travelers is still in place, so make sure your mask is on securely before you try and drift off to ensure a flight attendant doesn’t have to wake you up to remind you.

How can I tell how full a Southwest flight is?

Checking Your Flight Status

Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to find a section titled “Other Flight Information”. The number of people on the flight will appear as well as the number of seats available.

How can you tell if a flight is full?

Call (or chat with) the airline

When in doubt, call the carrier’s customer service line and an agent to check how full the flight is. It might not be the most convenient option, but it will yield an answer. If you dread the idea of waiting on hold, some airlines have also introduced new customer service chat features.

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Does Southwest separate families?

2) Family boarding will allow you to get seats together as a family. Southwest doesn’t have assigned seats unlike most other domestic carriers. Instead, it assigns boarding group numbers (A, B, & C, each numbered 1-60) to passengers, who are then free to take any open seat as they board.

What ID do I need to fly in 2021?

You must present an acceptable ID, such as a valid passport, state-issued enhanced driver’s license or U.S. military ID, to fly within the U.S. You will not be allowed to fly if your identity cannot be verified.

What do I need to bring to board a plane?

  1. Driver’s licenses or other state photo identity cards issued by Department of Motor Vehicles (or equivalent) …
  2. U.S. passport.
  3. U.S. passport card.
  4. DHS trusted traveler cards (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST)
  5. U.S. Department of Defense ID, including IDs issued to dependents.
  6. Permanent resident card.

Can I fly Southwest with a firearm?

Firearms may be checked and will count toward the two-piece free baggage allowance for each fare-paying passenger. We allow multiple firearms to be transported inside one hard-sided case. Southwest Airlines assumes no liability for the misalignment of sights on firearms, including those equipped with telescopic sights.

Does my plane ticket have to match my ID?

Under the Transportation Security Administration’s (T.S.A.) rules, the name on the boarding pass must match the passenger’s government-issued ID. … Not only do airlines have the right to deny you flight access, but many also have a cutoff point for making name changes.

Do you need to put JR on plane ticket?

According to the TSA, a title or suffix is not required when booking a reservation (such as “Mr.”, “Dr.”, “Ms.”, “Jr.”, “Sr.”, “III”, “IV”).

Do you have to put both last names on a plane ticket?

As long as your first and last name matches your official ID, you should be ok. Including your middle or second last name on the reservation and ticket is optional. However, since airlines can have different rules, I suggest you do check with your airline to be sure.

Are you guaranteed a seat on Wanna Get Away?

To reiterate everyone else, Wanna Get Away fares are a guaranteed seat. All the fares are guaranteed seats – the more expensive options just give you more perks, like free wi-fi and earlier boarding, for example.

Do you get to pick your seats on Southwest Wanna Get Away?

Do I have an assigned seat? Southwest-operated flights have open seating. Once onboard, simply choose any available seat and stow your carryon items in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

Why does Southwest do open seating?

Numerous studies showed that open seating enabled Southwest to get Customers on planes more quickly and efficiently than its competitors. Faster boarding meant more on-time departures, and cost savings that led to lower ticket prices.

Do Southwest planes have WiFi?

Inflight Connectivity1* … Using our Inflight Internet is fast and easy. Go online to check email, read the news, or plan your next adventure for just $8 all day, per device. Inflight Internet is free for our A-List Preferred Members.

Do Southwest planes have USB chargers?

Lower down is a little charging station with USB and an AC socket — one for each passenger! Say goodbye to running out of battery on a long trip. … You can get on the plane with an empty phone and empty laptop battery and you’ll be fully charged when you land.

Does Southwest have drink service?

Southwest offers contactless beverage ordering via the Inflight WiFi Portal. Simply zoom in on your drink choice and share the image with your Flight Attendant when it’s time to order. … Additionally, alcohol service on all flights, and service on flights of 251 miles or less, will remain suspended.

How many window seats are on a Southwest plane?

46 window seats
there are about 23 rows on a SWA plane so figure there are 46 window seats, 46 aisle seats and 46 middle seats. If you are in fact boarding #100 your seat options will be limited and sitting together may be a challenge.

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Do Southwest planes have outlets?

We do not currently offer power onboard. Many of our gate areas have been refreshed to include power stations so you can recharge while you relax before your flight.

What is a good boarding position on Southwest Airlines?

When you check in for your Southwest Airlines flight, you’ll receive a boarding position. … Checking in 24 hours before your flight will usually land you somewhere in the B boarding group — which is generally adequate to find either a window or aisle seat or 2 seats together if you are flying with a companion.

What does FB mean on boarding pass?

The gate agent that was boarding the other flight had said that anyone with a FB which stood for family boarding could board, so we lined up.

Can my wife board with me on Southwest?

Starting March 12, anyone on a reservation with an A-List or A-List Preferred Member can board when they do. * That means everyone on the same reservation gets to board together and pick their seat earlier. Because we can all agree the more time you get with your people, the better.

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