how to get to elba island

How To Get To Elba Island?

Elba is reachable by ferry by embarking at Piombino on one of the four companies (Toremar, Moby Lines, BluNavy, Corsica Ferries) ferries. These ferries provide a comfortable trip with hourly departures.Elba is reachable by ferry by embarking at Piombino on one of the four companies (Toremar, Moby Lines

Moby Lines
Moby Lines (Moby Lines S.p.A.) is an Italian shipping company that operates ferries and cruiseferries between the Italian or French mainland and the islands of Elba, Sardinia and Corsica. The company was founded in 1959 under the name Navigazione Arcipelago Maddalenino (NAVARMA for short).

How do you get to Elba Island by car?

By car: From the North of Italy: from Milano take the A1 motorway, change to the A15 at Parma Ovest to join the A12 Genova-Livorno exit later at Rosignano. Continue on dual-carriageway as far as right-hand sign to ” Venturina/Isola d’Elba”. Continue on the main road until you reach Piombino Marittima/Portoferraio.

How much is ferry to Elba?

The prices of the ferries are flexible and they depend by the route chosen and the departure period, however they remain on a range from 15 to 20 euros per way.

How do you get to the Isle of Elba?

Elba is reachable by ferry by embarking at Piombino on one of the four ferry companies (Toremar, Moby Lines, Corsica Ferries, BluNavy). These ferries provide a comfortable trip with hourly departures.

How long is the ferry ride to Elba?

about 60 minutes
Ferries to the Island of Elba

The Island of Elba is connected with the mainland by four Shipping Companies – Toremar, Blu Navy, Moby Lines and Corsica Ferries – all of which have daily ferry crossings to and from Piombino and Portoferraio (the main harbour) or Rio Marina and Cavo. The crossing takes about 60 minutes.

Do you need a car on Elba Island?

Elba Island has a highly efficient public transport system that allows you to reach every part of this destination even without a car.

How long is the ferry from Piombino to Elba?

about one hour
Piombino-Portoferraio: the ferry towards to the main town of Elba, located on the north coast of the island, takes about one hour.

Is Elba expensive?

Elba Island can be expensive, especially in the high tourist season when most Italians and other Europeans head to the beach. If spending money is not an issue, you can rent motorboats and sailboats, learn how to scuba dive and eat at five-star restaurants.

Where do you get the ferry to Elba?

Piombino is the port of departure for getting to the stunning island of Elba and Portoferraio is the main port on the island, where most ferries to the island of Elba arrive.

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Where is the island Elba?

Province of Livorno

Can you fly direct to Elba?

Currently there are no international flights to Elba (island). The only flights to Elba (island) are domestic flights within Italy. To get to Elba (island) from another country you will need a flight with a stopover, for example through Pisa or Florence.

How do I get from Tuscany to Elba?

There are 3 ways to get from Tuscany to Isola d’Elba by train, ferry, car or plane
  1. Take the train from Firenze S.M.N. to Piombino Marittima.
  2. Take the ferry from Piombino to Portoferraio.

How do I get from Pisa airport to Elba Island?

The best way to get from Pisa Airport (PSA) to Elba Island Airport (EBA) without a car is to train and ferry via Venturina which takes 5h 30m and costs €21 – €65.

Does Elba have an airport?

Marina di Campo Airport (Italian: Aeroporto di Marina di Campo) (IATA: EBA, ICAO: LIRJ) is the airport of the Italian island of Elba, located in the village of La Pila, in Marina di Campo. It is also known as Teseo Tesei Airport (Italian: Aeroporto “Teseo Tesei”).

Why is the Isle of Elba important?

Elba has an area of 86 square miles (223 square km) and is the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago. It is famous as Napoleon’s place of exile in 1814–15. … The Romans, who called it Ilva, also mined iron ore and established a naval base on the island.

how to get to elba island
how to get to elba island

Is Elba island safe?

Elba Island: Health & Safety

Elba Island, in general, is a pretty safe location to visit. Far away from all of the hype and hysteria of larger cities, there is a more laid back attitude that forms when you get to the island.

Is Elba beautiful?

What really makes Elba famous and renowned are its clear and blue sea and beautiful beaches. The extraordinary richness of its landscapes, both land and marine, turns the island of Elba into a unique destination in Tuscany.

How do I get to Elba from UK?

There are 6 ways to get from London to Isola d’Elba by plane, train, ferry, bus or night train
  1. Fly from London City (LCY) to Florence (FLR) LCY – FLR.
  2. Take the train from Firenze Rifredi to Piombino Marittima.
  3. Take the ferry from Piombino to Portoferraio.

Where do you fly to for Elba Italy?

The Island of Elba airport is in La Pila, about 2 km from Marina di Campo, on the southern side of the island, and is easy to get to.

Can you fly to Elba from UK?

Elba Island currently has moderate travel restrictions in place for travellers from London. You can travel there, but you may be required to take a COVID-19 test, and you’ll have to quarantine on your arrival and when you return.

How do I get from Sardinia to Elba?

There are 6 ways to get from Sardinia to Isola d’Elba by train, ferry, bus or plane
  1. Take the train from Cagliari to Olbia Terranova.
  2. Take the ferry from Olbia to Piombino.
  3. Take the ferry from Piombino to Portoferraio.
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How far is Elba from mainland Italy?

10 kilometres
Elba (Italian: isola d’Elba, pronounced [ˈiːzola ˈdelba]; Latin: Ilva; Ancient Greek: Αἰθαλία, Aithalia) is a Mediterranean island in Tuscany, Italy, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from the coastal town of Piombino on the Italian mainland, and the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago.

How do I get from Milan to Elba?

The cheapest way to get from Milan to Isola d’Elba is to train and ferry which costs €35 – €50 and takes 9h 32m. What is the fastest way to get from Milan to Isola d’Elba? The fastest way to get from Milan to Isola d’Elba is to drive and ferry which takes 4h 50m and costs €60 – €85.

Does Tuscany have an airport?

Tuscany has two international airports, the Galileo Galilei International Airport in Pisa and Amerigo Vespucci Airport, also known as Peretola, in Florence. Located only 80 km apart, the Pisa airport is the larger of the two airports…. Both airports handle flights to major European cities.

How big is Elba?

224 km²

Was Napoleon on Elba?

On April 11, 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor of France and one of the greatest military leaders in history, abdicates the throne, and, in the Treaty of Fontainebleau, is banished to the Mediterranean island of Elba.

Does Elba have a volcano?

The island of Capraia is the third largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago and is an island south of Elba. … While the magma is no longer contributing to the growth of the island, the ancient volcano of Zenobito remains as evidence of Capraia’s interesting geological birth.

Can you drink the water in Elba?

Drinking Water

Or you can do like the locals and fill up at the local water source – and some of the fresh spring water here is wonderful. To find the closest fonte, ask the locals or just keep an eye out for cars parked randomly along the road (and people carrying bags of empty plastic bottles).

Is Portoferraio worth visiting?

Portoferraio is well worth a visit, with its interesting history seeping from the streets and walls of the old town. 4 Napoleon was an extremely important figure for the island, which still celebrates him and preserves his major works, such as villas, theatres, museums and houses with the utmost care and attention.

Where did Napoleon live in Elba?

The Villa dei Mulini (literally “Villa of the Mills”) is located on the promontory of Portoferraio and was chosen by Napoleon as his primary residence due to its strategic location which allows a wide view of the sea where he could keep under control any approach and landings of boats in the bay.

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Where is Idris Elba from?

London Borough of Hackney, London, United Kingdom

What is the meaning of Elba?

: a place or state of exile.

How many days do you need in Elba Island?

You need at least three days to go round Elba.

Who sent Napoleon to Elba?

On March 31, 1814 the united forces of England, Prussia, Russia and Austria broke into Paris and Napoleon was forced to sign the act of abdication. The Treaty of Fontainebleau of 11 April assigned him both the Princedom of Elba Island and an annual pension of two million francs.

Was Elba an empire?

Article 3 of the treaty stipulated that Elba was to be “an independent principality possessed by him in complete sovereignty and as personal property“. His rule was to persist until his death, at which point control of the Principality would return to Tuscany.

Is Tuscany expensive to visit?

It’s no surprise that one of the most popular regions of Italy is also one of the most expensive. Between accommodation, food and sites, you can really burn through the euros on a trip to Tuscany. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way – it is possible to travel Tuscany on the cheap.

How do you get to Tuscany from the US?

If you are flying from the United States, you can take a direct flight to Pisa on Delta from JFK airport in New York. Alternatively, air travelers can fly into Milan or Rome and get transportation from there to Tuscany, about a three-hour drive by car from either direction.

How can I spend 3 days in Tuscany?

Day 1: Explore the sights of Florence
  1. Morning: Visit the Duomo.
  2. Afternoon: Enjoy a lazy stroll to Ponte Vecchio.
  3. Evening: Dive into a classic Tuscan meal.
  4. Morning: Head out for a day trip.
  5. Afternoon: Explore the Duomo di San Gimignano.
  6. Evening: Try a French-Morrocan meal.

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