where did they film the game of thrones

Where Did They Film The Game Of Thrones?

Game of Thrones was filmed primarily on location across Europe. Although various scenes were shot on studio sets in Belfast, Northern Ireland, many major moments from the HBO hit drama feature real landscapes and medieval fortresses in the backdrop.May 11, 2020

Where all did they film Game of Thrones?

While many of GOT’s recurring sets (like the Iron Throne) are filmed at Paint Hall studios in Belfast, the show shoots largely on-location, primarily in Northern Ireland and Iceland for scenes in the North, and Croatia and Spain for the South.

Was any of Game of Thrones filmed in the US?

Introduction to Game of Thrones countries. … While rare scenes like the bear fight was basically filmed in the United States, the majority of Thrones scenes were created in Northern Ireland, Iceland and Croatia.

How many countries was Game of Thrones filmed in?

ten countries
GAME OF THRONES, over the course of its eight seasons, has filmed in ten countries, including Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Morocco, Malta, Spain, Croatia, Iceland, United States, Canada and Scotland.

Where does Game of Thrones take place in real life?

The main Game Of Thrones headquarters are at Paint Hall studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where most of the interior sets are housed; the better part of filming Game of Thrones also takes place in Northern Ireland, but many other European countries, and even African filming locations, have been used as well.

Is Dragon Stone a real castle?

Dragonstone. While most of the actual castle was later added in with a bit of help from CGI, the Dragonstone castle is a real place located in Spain.

Where is Winterfell castle filmed?

Although various scenes were shot on studio sets in Belfast, Northern Ireland, many major moments from the HBO hit drama feature real landscapes and medieval fortresses in the backdrop. In the pilot episode, for example, scenes at Winterfell, the Stark family home, were shot at Doune Castle in Scotland.

Is winterfell a real castle?

The real-life Winterfell is at Castle Ward in County Down, Northern Ireland. Aside from hosting “Game of Thrones” tours, it’s a beautiful National Trust property on the shores of Strangford Lough, with an 18th-century stately home and acres of landscaped gardens to explore.

Was Game of Thrones filmed in Italy?

Game of Thrones never filmed in Italy, so this is uncharted territory. If someone were to put a dragon to my head, I’d guess this was a stand in for somewhere around Casterly Rock, perhaps before the Lannister stronghold was built. Casterly Rock sits on a rocky outcropping of land.

Was got filmed in Ireland?

Filming of seasons one to eight took place in around 25 locations around Northern Ireland including Titanic Studios in Belfast, Cushendun Caves, Murlough Bay, Ballintoy Harbour, Larrybane, Antrim plateau, Castle Ward, Inch Abbey and Downhill Strand. … All of these locations are within easy reach of Belfast.

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Are the castles real in Game of Thrones?

Winterfell scenes were filmed at Doune Castle in Stirling, Scotland, largely in the show’s first season. The real castle is quite a bit smaller than Winterfell is imagined on-screen, but the magic of cinematography gives it greater expanse.

How much did it cost to make Game of Thrones?

The Game of Thrones studio spent over $10 million (about Rs. 75 crores) per episode starting with the fantasy series’ sixth season, and the number climbed up to $15 million (about Rs. 112 crores) per episode by the eighth and final season. But in its early years, Game of Thrones cost $6 million (about Rs.

Where is Casterly Rock filmed?


The exterior shots of House Lannister’s imposing home at Casterly Rock were mainly filmed at the Castle of Trujillo in Spain. Two-hour tours of the castle and the surrounding village that combineThan real-world history with Westerosi lore can be taken for as little as $15 per person.

What countries are the 7 kingdoms in Game of Thrones?

*NOTE: HuffPost divided the map by houses, but technically the Seven Kingdoms are: The North, The Mountain and Vale, The Isles and Rivers, The Rock, The Reach, The Stormlands and Dorne. This one is pretty obvious: Martin has all but said that Dorne is Spain.

Where is Westeros in real-life?

Author of the series George R.R. Martin has stated that Westeros is based on medieval Britain, but as a full-sized continent that is roughly the same size as real-life South America.

where did they film the game of thrones
where did they film the game of thrones

When did got start getting bad?

I started to see major flaws in the seventh season. Seasons 1 to 4 are obviously top tier, and whilst I already noticed minor things that I didn’t like in S5, I still thought it was overall quite great. S6, despite being the first season without book material to help was very good in my opinion.

Is Pyke Castle real?

Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

Referred to as the Castle of Pyke, the home of the Greyjoys on the Iron Islands was a threatening sight. In real life, however, Dunluce Castle is a now-ruined medieval castle that, much like on the show, can only be accessed by bridge.

Is daenerys Castle real?

Unfortunately, at the top of the 241-step trek, you won’t find the towering Dragonstone castle, which is purely CGI. The islet merely contains a small church called San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, which is dedicated to John the Baptist — and according to Euskoguide, it is rumored he even set foot on the island.

Was Stannis Baratheon at Dragonstone?

Stannis Baratheon, the head of the house and the Lord of Dragonstone, was a claimant to the Iron Throne in the War of the Five Kings. Their seat was the island fortress of Dragonstone in Blackwater Bay. The houses of Blackwater Bay, also known as the Lords of the Narrow Sea, are sworn directly to Dragonstone.

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Was Game of Thrones filmed in Scotland?

Many Game of Thrones locations were shot right here in the UK, in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Where is the targaryen homeland?

House Targaryen was, of old, a noble family of ancient Valyria, far to the southeast of Essos. Five hundred years ago, the Targaryens departed the Valyrian homelands and travelled to Dragonstone, a small island off the east coast of Westeros, where they established a keep and trading post.

Where is King’s Landing based on?

King’s Landing is the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, located in the crownlands on the east coast of Westeros. It is situated along the kingsroad at the mouth of the Blackwater Rush and overlooks Blackwater Bay.
King’s Landing
Religion Faith of the Seven
Founded 2 BC
Named for Aegon I Targaryen

Is the red KEEP REAL?

Lovrijenac Fortress (The Red Keep)

The Red Keep – the heart of King’s Landing – is, in the real world, Lovijenac Fortress, located outside Dubrovnik on a 37m high rock right on the shore.

Where was beyond the wall filmed?

Many of the scenes leading up to the battle with the White Walker army were filmed in Iceland, but the majority of the episode’s battle sequence was filmed in a quarry in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Where was Castle Black filmed?

Northern Ireland
Castle Black and the Wall were filmed at the abandoned Magheramorne Quarry in Northern Ireland.

Where is the Belfast?


Can you visit Game of Thrones set?

Although filming locations for the seasons included Canada, Croatia and Iceland, the majority of Game of Thrones was filmed in Northern Ireland. And the simple answer to this question is yes: you can visit where the show was filmed.

What year is Game of Thrones set in?

297 AC
(The Prologue of A Game of Thrones takes place in 297 AC, and quite possibly the first few Daenerys chapters as well.) In the north, after thousands of years without encounter, the Others reappear in an attack on rangers from the Night’s Watch and a group of free folk.

Why did they build the wall in Game of Thrones?

The Wall protected Westeros from northern threats in Game of Thrones. … The Wall was a prominent landmark at the very north of Westeros, intended to keep the White Walkers out of the lands of men, but it was eventually torn down in the season 7 finale.

Is Game of Throne true story?

A Song of Ice and Fire, along with its TV adaptation, Game of Thrones, is a fantasy series. So here’s a look at the bloody, twisted, and unfortunately true history that inspired A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. …

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What is the Red Keep based on?

Lovijenac Fortress
The Red Keep – the heart of King’s Landing – is, in the real world, Lovijenac Fortress. It is located outside Dubrovnik on a 37m-high rock right on the shore.

How much did Emilia Clarke get paid?

Pre season 8, the core cast members, including Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, were all apparently making a rather decent $500,000 (£370,000) per episode, but reports have suggested top cast members bagged a rather handsome pay rise: an extra $200,000 (£151,000) per episode.

What is the most expensive TV show ever made?

The Lord of the Rings
LOS ANGELES, April 16 (Xinhua) — An upcoming fantasy TV series, Amazon Studios’ “The Lord of the Rings,” will cost about 465 million U.S. dollars for just the first season, making it the most expensive TV series ever made, The Hollywood Reporter, one of U.S. leading entertainment publications, reported on Friday.

How long did it take to film all of Game of Thrones?

Although the conclusion consists of just six episodes, Thrones spent 10 months filming. There is still minimal information about the final season of GoT.

Where is Highgarden?

the Reach
Map showing the location of Highgarden on the continent of Westeros. Highgarden was the seat of House Tyrell and is the regional capital of the Reach. Located on the banks of the river Mander, Highgarden sits astride the Roseroad, a major thoroughfare linking Oldtown and King’s Landing.

Where is Highgarden filmed?

Castillo de Almodóvar del Río
Castillo de Almodóvar del Río, Spain (Highgarden)

Castillo de Almodóvar del Río in southern Spain is just as spectacular as it is portrayed as Highgarden. Built by the Moors in the 8th century, this mighty fortress definitely deserves more screen time.

Where is Castamere?

northwestern westerlands
Castamere is a ruined castle located south of the Crag and west of Ashemark in the northwestern westerlands; also nearby is Tarbeck Hall. The former seat of House Reyne, Castamere contains gold and silver mines.

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