where is 10, forward on the enterprise

Where is 10 forward located on the Starship Enterprise?

The Ten Forward lounge on the Enterprise-D was located on Deck 10, on the front edge of the saucer. From that vantage point, crew members could relax and take in the grandeur of the cosmos through the lounge’s huge windows.

Does the Enterprise E have ten forward?

Ten-Forward lounge on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). Ten-Forward was a lounge and recreation facility, including a bar, on the USS Enterprise-D and USS Enterprise-E.

What is 10 forward on a ship?

They decided to show a place where the crew members could be off duty. On every other set, the crew members were always shown on duty. The set for Ten Forward was created in the interim between the show’s first and second seasons.

Where is 10 forward?

Ten Forward is a performing arts venue and bar in downtown Greenfield MA.

Is there 10 forward on Deck 9?

The Enterprise-D has ten decks down to the lower saucer rim, which is crucial because otherwise Ten Forward would not be on deck 10. On the side view cross-section these decks are all equally spaced, with deck 9 occupying exactly the upper half and deck 10 the lower half of the rim.

What is 10 forward in Star Trek?

The Ten-Forward Vodka, which is inspired by the lounge on board the U.S.S. Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, is made from choice American grain, carefully distilled six times. Graphic designer and Star Trek veteran Mike Okuda lent his talents to the bottle design.

How did Captain Picard meet Guinan?

This novel included elements from both Star Trek (1966–69) and the new Next Generation show The later Stargazer novel Oblivion features Picard’s first meeting with Guinan when he was still captain of the Stargazer, where the meeting helps Guinan overcome her severe depression after she was pulled out of the Nexus.

Is Guinan immortal?

Guinan stated in the TNG episode “Rascals” that her father was 700 years old and in good health, which suggests the El-Aurian lifespan far exceeds 700 years. … This means El-Aurians are not immortal in the same way as a species like the Q, who truly cannot be killed except if they are stripped of their powers.

How old is Guinan on Star Trek?

600 years old
Well over 600 years old now, Guinan hid out from her father on Earth in AD 1893 as a mature adult and had an imaginary Tarcassian razor beast as a childhood pet — and still finds time to “talk” to him. She herself has been married at least twice and has “a lot” of children.

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What deck is 10 forward on?

It is on deck 10 at the front of the ship.

Where is the bridge on the enterprise?

On Starfleet vessels, the bridge was usually located on Deck 1, on top of the vessel’s primary hull. The bridge was the nerve center of every starship, and it was manned by the top officers of each department…

What is the bar in Star Trek?

Quark’s, officially known on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade. Yes, it seems that the majority of StarTrek.com readers who voted would like to settle in at the bar next to Morn and grab an Aldebaran whiskey or, perhaps, play some dabo, tongo or even darts.

How big is the USS Enterprise-D?

8.9 million square feet
In regards to the cold, hard figures, EC says the Enterprise-D contains 8.9 million square feet of habitable space. Within that, he determined somewhere between 340,000 ft2 and 1.3 million ft2 allocated to living quarters.Dec 3, 2020

How many decks does the Enterprise-D saucer have?

42 decks
With a total of 42 decks, the Enterprise-D was twice the length and had eight times the interior space of the Constitution-class ships of over a century earlier.

How big was the saucer section of the Enterprise?

ILM rewired and updated its six-foot Enterprise model for the saucer separation sequence. ILM made a 12-foot (3.7 m) saucer section model to “crash” into an 80-foot (24 m) planet surface model. An 18-inch (46 cm) model of the saucer’s forward edge was used for close-ups of the crashed ship.

where is 10, forward on the enterprise
where is 10, forward on the enterprise

What is the bar called in Star Trek Next Generation?

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, there was a bar on the ship. It was called Ten Forward because it was on the most forward part of the ship (on deck 10). They served drinks of all kinds but it was established that they used “synthahol” instead of alchohol so the crew didn’t get drunk.

Which of these are the bad guys in Star Trek?

These are the villains that have left an impression not only in the Star Trek universe but in pop culture as a whole.
  1. 1 Khan.
  2. 2 The Borg. …
  3. 3 Dominion. …
  4. 4 Q. …
  5. 5 Xindi. …
  6. 6 Romulans. …
  7. 7 Klingons. …
  8. 8 Nero. …

How does the Star Trek holodeck work?

The Holodeck is a fictional device from the television franchise Star Trek which uses “holograms” (projected light and electromagnetic energy which create the illusion of solid objects) to create a realistic 3D simulation of a real or imaginary setting, in which participants can freely interact with the environment as …

Why do Q and Guinan hate each other?

She’s an immortal biological being that is connected to the timeline and guiding humanity; Q is afraid of humanity, because we remind them of themselves and they do not know what happens when one omnipotent entity becomes two. Guinan is fundamental to that eventual evolution as her species is further along the path.

Is Guinan a Time Lord?

Guinan, of ‘Star Trek,’ Would Be a Great Time Lord on ‘Doctor Who’ Immortal beings have to stick together, so it would only make sense for the titular time traveler from Doctor Who to take on Guinan from Star Trek as a temporary companion, or perhaps as a fellow Time Lord!

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What happened to Ensign Ro Laren?

In “The Next Phase”, Ro and La Forge apparently die after a transporter accident after returning from a Romulan Warbird.

How is Guinan so old?

Guinan, together with Captain Picard, Ro Laren and Keiko O’Brien, is reverted to the body of a twelve-year-old due to the effects of a molecular reversion field. Guinan is among those who survived the crash of the Enterprise-D.

Is Guinan empathic?

Q’s powers and his legacy of mayhem among the mortals of Star Trek have been well-documented, but Guinan remains a mystery. … They’re a race of listeners, with a rich, empathic ability and a complex sense of time that’s tipped Guinan off to the existence of alternate histories more than once.

Who created Borg?

Maurice Hurley
The Borg
Created by Maurice Hurley
Base of operations Delta Quadrant
Leader The Borg are one single mind which is sometimes represented by the Borg Queen

Is Guinan an imp?

Q calls Guinan “an imp” whom trouble follows. … During her time on the Enterprise, Guinan doesn’t reveal darker feelings for many people, but Q is a definite exception. In the later episode “Deja Q,” when Q says he’s been de-powered by the Q Continuum, Guinan tests his claim by stabbing him in the hand with a fork.

How old is Whoopi Goldberg?

66 years (November 13, 1955)

Is the bridge in the saucer section?

1 Answer. The ship’s ‘Main Bridge’ is at the top of the saucer section. The ‘Battle Bridge’ is at the front of the engineering section.

How big is the crew of the Enterprise?

Kirk’s Enterprise had a crew of 430, 14 science labs, an observation deck, a massive lower deck which included main engineering, and a shuttle bay. The ship’s armaments included forward phaser banks and photon torpedoes.

What are the stations on the bridge of the Enterprise?

By the mid-24th century, the standard was that a first officer was assigned to assist a ship’s captain in this process. Main bridge of the Constitution-class USS Defiant The forward bulkhead of the bridge was typically dominated by the main viewscreen.

Where is Quark’s Bar?

Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade, or Quark’s Bar and Holding Company (commonly known simply as Quark’s), was a popular recreational facility located on the space station Deep Space 9.

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What happened to the Star Trek Experience?

Star Trek: The Experience was operated by entertainment management company Cedar Fair after its June 2006 purchase of Paramount Parks from the CBS Corporation. It closed in September 2008, and was scheduled to reopen in the Neonopolis Mall on May 8, 2009, in time for the premiere of the Star Trek film.

What is the largest Starfleet ship?

The Invincible-class is the single largest multi-mission combat-equipped starship ever constructed by Starfleet. She is designed as the ultimate in front line explorers. She is classified as a Fleet Carrier-Command Battleship.

Invincible class.
Launched: 2384
Commissioned: 2385
Length: 1,607.2 meters

What ship did Picard Captain?

U.S.S. Enterprise
An accomplished diplomat and tactician, Picard managed to surpass a 22-year career as first officer and later captain of the U.S.S. Stargazer with an even more impressive record as captain of the fleet’s former flagship U.S.S. Enterprise.

What is Starfleet’s most powerful ship?


The Sovereign-class Enterprise-E succeeds the Enterprise-D to become the most technologically-advanced starship produced by Starfleet. It can theoretically reach a warp speed of 9.995. Any doubts about its firepower are dismissed on one of its first missions when it’s able to destroy a Borg cube.

Why did Worf leave the enterprise?

At the close of last season, Worf resigned his Starfleet commission to join the Klingon Council army as civil war divided his people. Despite his sympathy for Worf, Picard refused to involve the U.S.S. Enterprise in the internal Klingon struggle.

How tall is the enterprise?

A large number of starships have been called “Enterprise” in TV and movies. The NCC1701 TOS Enterprise was 517 feet wide and 947 feet long, about 290 feet tall. … you can look up similar plans for all the others.

How fast is warp speed?

Warp one, a veritable snail’s pace in the world of Trek, is equal to the speed of light. Warp speeds exceeding warp one equal a multiple of C (the speed of light), but the exact speeds are variable, depending on the source material.

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