where is barcelo maya grand resort

What town is Barcelo Maya in?

Barcelo Maya Riviera is a fantastic resort in the Riviera Maya, just 47 miles south of Cancun international airport and 12 miles south of Playa del Carmen.

Is Barcelo Maya Grand the same as the Palace?

7 answers. There are five resorts all connected in one place. There is the Barcelo Maya Caribe, Barcelo Maya Beach, Barcelo Maya Coloniial, Barcelo Maya Tropical and Barcelo Maya Palace. … All resorts on the same property, however, the Palace is certainly an upgrade.

Where do you fly into for Barcelo Maya Palace?

Cancun International Airport
Barcelo Maya Palace is a hotel located 78.8 km (48.856 mi) or 1 h 6 min away from Cancun International Airport.

Transportation from Cancun Airport to Barcelo Maya Palace – Schedule and Information.
Van departs from: Cancun International Airport
Distance: 78.8 km (48.9 mi)

How far is Barcelo Maya Tropical from airport?

Barcelo Maya Tropical Puerto Aventuras is a hotel located 79.1 km (49.15 mi) or 1 h 10 min away from Cancun International Airport.

What is the best month to visit Riviera Maya?

The best time to visit is between December and March when the weather is most settled. The hottest month of the year is May with an average daily maximum of 36 C and an average low of 23 C. The coolest month of the year is December with an average daily maximum of 28 C and an average low of 20 C.

Does Barcelo Maya have Covid testing?

For this reason, in collaboration with local laboratories, we offer the possibility of taking a COVID test in our hotels. Ask for your COVID test at the hotel reception desk before 11 am.

What is the difference between Barcelo Tropical and Colonial?

The only difference is that they have different lobbies. You also have access to all their bars and shops. I stayed at the Colonial but used the Tropical shops all the time.

What does premium level get you at Barcelo Maya Palace?

Premium Level Benefits and Services guaranteed ocean-front room/suite or guaranteed pool-view suite at Barcelo Maya Palace Premium Level lounge personalized check-in/out private concierge imported drinks canapes continental breakfast board games books newspapers free internet (7 am – 11 pm) Breakfast Bar in Premium …

Does Barcelo Maya Palace have a casino?

Sorry, no casino at the Barcelo Maya complex, or anywhere within the Riveria Maya. That travel agent must have been confused with other Barcelo resorts in other countries.

Is Barcelo Palace Open?

The megaresort, Barcelo Riviera Maya, will experience re-closure of some of its resorts and amenities. 11 until further notice: Barcelo Maya Beach, Caribe, Colonial, and Tropical–the only resorts open will be the Palace and the adults-only section, Barcelo Maya Riviera. …

Is Barcelo Maya safe?

Barcelo is a very safe resort, we have been there twice in the last couple of year and going there again this June for the third time. Just like any other part in the world, do not leave valuables unattended or in plain sight.

What airport do you use to Playa del Carmen?

Cancún International Airport
To get to Playa del Carmen, most travelers fly into Cancún International Airport (CUN), which is about 45 minutes north. To reach Playa, you can rent a car, take a bus or hop in a taxi.

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How far is Barcelo Maya Caribe from airport?

Barcelo Maya Caribe Puerto Aventuras is a hotel located 79 km (49.09 mi) or 1 h 7 min away from Cancun International Airport.

What is the cheapest time to go to Riviera Maya?

There are generally two times of year that are the cheapest. September & October because kids are in school and its hurricane season. Last half of April through first half of May – its after spring breaks and before kids are in school.

When should you not go to Riviera Maya?

Worst Times to Go to Riviera Maya

These months are June, August, September, October, and November. The Caribbean hurricane season comes with its disadvantage, mostly because it brings a lot of rain to the Riviera Maya. This rainy season starts on the 1st of June and tarries until the 30th of November.

where is barcelo maya grand resort
where is barcelo maya grand resort

Are there mosquitoes in Riviera Maya Mexico?

Mosquitoes can be a very difficult problem in the Riviera Maya-Cancun-Cozumel areas. This is especially the case in May and June. I have stayed in the area during June and experienced some pretty bad bites from mosquitoes. Definitely take lots of strong repellent spay or lotion.

Do you have to get tested before going to Mexico?

The basics. Mexico is open to travelers. There is no need to provide a negative PCR test or quarantine on arrival, though most resorts ask guests to fill out health questionnaires. … The CDC advises travelers to be fully vaccinated before traveling to Mexico.

Does Grand Oasis Cancun have Covid testing?

Guests must visit their hotel lobby and request their testing appointment ahead of time: The Pyramid at Grand Oasis: on-site testing. Grand Oasis Cancun: on-site testing.

How many restaurants are in the Barcelo Maya colony?

The resort features eight on-site restaurants — including two buffets and four a la carte restaurants — and offers guests access to four other dining options at the Barcelo Maya Caribe & Beach, located next door.

How many rooms does the Barcelo Maya colony have?

480 rooms
About Barceló Maya Colonial

Guests can enjoy the recreational activities available, such as a playground, miniature golf and billiards. Barcelo Maya Colonial All Inclusive provides 480 rooms, all of which are fitted with cable/satellite channels, a refrigerator and a mini bar.

When was Barcelo Maya Colonial built?

Busy hotel that’s part of a large beachfront complex with shared features. Barcelo Maya Tropical is part of the large Barcelo Maya Grand Resort complex, which includes three other properties — Barcelo Maya Beach and Barcelo Maya Caribe (both built in 1999) and Barcelo Maya Colonial (built at the same time as Tropical) …

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How far is Xcaret from Barcelo Maya?

How far is it from Barceló Maya to Xcaret Park? The distance between Barceló Maya and Xcaret Park is 17 km.

Does Barcelo Maya Palace have connecting rooms?

4 Star Barcelo Maya Grand

Families can opt for two connecting rooms with a king bed on one side and two double beds on the other, or go with the Family Suite with a king bed and three day beds.

Is Riviera Maya in Cancun?

The Riviera Maya (Spanish pronunciation: [ri’βjeɾa ‘maʝa]) is a tourism and resort district south of Cancun, Mexico. It straddles the coastal Federal Highway 307, along the Caribbean coastline of the state of Quintana Roo, located in the eastern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula.

How is the beach at Barcelo Maya Palace?

The beach at Barcelo is a large continuous beautiful beach with excellent swimming and snorkeling no matter what part of the resort you are staying. There are some small rocky areas along this private stretch of beach which only adds to the snorkeling experience since fish tend to congregate there.

Is Barcelo Maya beach closed?

Our contacts at the Barcelo advise that the Maya Beach is currently closed.

Is Barcelo Bavaro beach Adults Only open?

Barceló Bávaro Beach is an adults-only resort. There are no meeting or conference rooms at Barceló Bávaro Beach.

Is it better to stay in Cancun or Riviera Maya?

Cancun can be hectic, more people, more traffic, & more of a “city” feel. But at the same time, it has all the conveniences of a city, such as, restaurants, bars, & shopping. I also think the beaches in Cancun are better b/c of the waves, but that’s just my opinion. The Riviera Maya is more laid back.

Is Riviera Maya safer than Cancun?

No where is perfectly safe but the Mayan Riviera is one of the safest areas of Mexico. Traffic is getting worse (and thus more accidents) and both Cancun and Playa del Carmen have recently had some incidents of gang/cartel violence. However, we go every year without any major concerns.

Is it safe to drive from Cancun to Riviera Maya?

Re: Is it safe to drive from cancun airport to riviera maya? It is safe driving and trip will be on freeway with good signage. Make sure you buy all of the insurance offered from rent a car company. It maybe less to take shuttles a few times then renting a car for a week.

Which is cheaper Cancun or Playa del Carmen?

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Playa del Carmen and Cancun, we can see that Cancun is more expensive. And not only is Playa del Carmen much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to Playa del Carmen would let you spend less money overall.

Which is better Tulum or Playa del Carmen?

Tulum is more the destination of choice for those looking for an off-the-beaten-path, back-to-nature adventure where everything is much more rustic, small-scale, and low-key than in Playa del Carmen. Playa del Carmen is the better choice for those looking for a little more action and modern accommodation than in Tulum.

Is it safe to walk around Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen is a generally safe destination for solo visitors, though they should exercise caution as petty crime and scams have been known to occur in Mexico. Tips for solo travelers include sticking to main tourist centers, staying in hostels, and not walking alone at night.

When should I avoid Mexico?

Plan your vacation for April through July

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Avoid visiting during Christmas, New Year’s, and especially Spring Break as these are the most hectic travel periods for Cancun. If possible, avoid Mexico’s hurricane season, which stretches from late-July to late-October.

What month is the cheapest to fly to Mexico?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Mexico

Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Mexico is August.

Is it expensive in Mexico Riviera Maya?

The Riviera Maya may not be the cheapest area of Mexico but compared to other Mexican resort towns it is still accessible and offers great investment potential. … Getting around town in the Riviera Maya is inexpensive and very easy, 5 pesos on a bus or collectivo for most destinations.

Is it safe to visit Quintana Roo?

Quintana Roo state – Level 3: Reconsider Travel

Exercise increased caution in Mexico due to crime and kidnapping. Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory. Violent crime – such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery – is widespread.

What do I need to know about traveling to Riviera Maya?

To help you in preparing for your vacation, here are 10 great fundamental tips that you should know before traveling to the Riviera Maya:
  • Documentation: …
  • Foreign exchange: …
  • Travel Insurance: …
  • Medication: …
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent: …
  • Electronic Devices: …
  • Water: …
  • Weather:

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