where is the cruise port in st thomas

Where Is The Cruise Port In St Thomas?

Thomas has two cruise ports – – The West India Company Dock (almost universally referred to as Havensight) and Crown Bay. Both are located on the south side of the island not far from Charlotte Amalie.

Can you get off cruise ship in St. Thomas?

Ships that stop at the St. Thomas cruise port may disembark passengers at one of three different spots. The two main docs are the West Indian Company dock (most commonly referred to as Havensight) and the Crown Bay dock. … Regardless of which port you dock at, you can easily reach the main part of town by a quick taxi.

Where do Royal Caribbean cruise ships dock in St. Thomas?

Crown Bay
Royal Caribbean ships dock at Crown Bay or at the West Indian Dock, approximately 1 1/2 miles from downtown Charlotte Amalie. Regardless of what you choose to do, there is a lot of great choices for things to do in St. Thomas.

Is Charlotte Amalie a tender port?

Tender to Charlotte Amalie

After all, you will not need to spend time and money to get to the city. The tender pier is located right on the Waterfront – officially named Veterans Drive – and right across the street is the heart of Charlotte Amalie.

Are there cruise ships in St. Thomas?

Cruise ships visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands stop in St. Thomas, St. … Thomas is the most popular port of call for cruise lines: it has two docks, West Indian Co. Dock and Crown Bay Dock; additionally ships can remain at anchorage within the Charlotte Amalie harbor.

What is near the cruise port in St. Thomas?

St. Thomas Shore Adventures Close to Port
  • Tree Limin’ Extreme Zipline St. Thomas. …
  • Magic Ice Gallery. St. …
  • Blackbeard’s Castle / Skytsborg Tower. St. …
  • Coral World Ocean Park. Photo courtesy of Coral World. …
  • Virgin Islands Ecotours. Photo courtesy of Virgin Islands Ecotours. …
  • Mahogany Run Golf Course. …
  • Magens Bay. …
  • The Butterfly Garden.

What is there to do at St. Thomas cruise Port?

St Thomas Cruise Port
  • Havensight cruise terminal in St Thomas cruise port. The view from Paradise Point. …
  • Crown Bay cruise terminal. …
  • Photo courtesy of Cristina Madrid.
  • Lindberg Bay Beach sunset.
  • Fort Christian. …
  • Magens Bay. …
  • The view over Magens Bay from Mountain Top.
  • Coral World Ocean Park.

Where does harmony of the Seas dock in St. Thomas?

Crown Bay Marina
ST. THOMAS — The first large-scale post-hurricane cruise ship of the tourism season arrived at the Crown Bay Marina on Tuesday. The 5,479-passenger Harmony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship, nestled up in Crown Bay Marina, dwarfing the adjacent Grand Celebration, which is housing FEMA workers.

Where does Sky Princess dock in St. Thomas?

Charlotte Amalie
Cruise ships arriving at this popular cruise destination dock at dock or anchor at Charlotte Amalie on the southern coast.Oct 19, 2020

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Is St. Thomas a tender port?

Tendering Occasionally, there are more ships calling at St. Thomas than berths. In such instances, one or more ships can anchor in the bay between Havensight and Charlotte Amalie and tender passengers ashore. Cruise ships tendering in St.

Is St Thomas port open?

Thomas Is Open! As With The Mainland United States, The US Virgin Islands Is Being Impacted By The COVID-19 Disease.

Is Coki Beach free?

On the east coast of the island, Coki Beach can be reached via taxi or rental car from Charlotte Amalie. It’s free to access. Plan to arrive early in the day to avoid the crowds.

Where do cruise ships dock in St Maarten?

Your ship will dock on the Dutch side of the island at Philipsburg, where all large vessels such as cruise ships dock. Docking at the island is smooth, courtesy of the large pier that accommodates up to 7 ships.

Is St Thomas Eastern or Western Caribbean?

Meanwhile, Eastern Caribbean voyages frequently feature San Juan, Grand Turk and the Dominican Republic, as well as the Lesser Antilles. That region includes the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas), British Virgin Islands (Tortola), St. Kitts, Nevis, Antigua, St.

Is St Thomas US territory?

Saint Thomas (Danish: Sankt Thomas) is one of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea which, together with Saint John, Water Island, Hassel Island, and Saint Croix, form a county-equivalent and constituent district of the United States Virgin Islands (USVI), an unincorporated territory of the United States.

where is the cruise port in st thomas
where is the cruise port in st thomas

Do you need a passport for cruises?

We recommend that everyone taking a cruise from the United States have a passport book. Though some “closed-loop” cruises may not require a U.S. passport, we recommend bringing yours in case of an emergency, such as an unexpected medical air evacuation or the ship docking at an alternate port.

Where do the locals go in St. Thomas?

Residents of St. Thomas go to explore the serene beaches and the stunning Baths at Virgin Gorda, or to simply shoot the breeze with the locals hanging at Pusser’s Road Town Pub.

What to do in St. Thomas when you get off the cruise ship?

If your ship is docked in Havensight, take a left when you disembark your ship and it will be a 5-10 minute walk from the pier. It is also a fun great place to look at the million dollar mega-yachts that are docked at the pier. Combine sightseeing and shopping on this St Thomas excursion.

How do you get around in St. Thomas?

The best way to get around any U.S. Virgin Island is in a car – either your own rental or a taxi. You can rent a car at or nearby one of the islands’ two airports: the Cyril E. King Airport (STT) on St. Thomas and the Henry E.

Do you need a passport for St Thomas?

St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands nestled in the Caribbean, an unincorporated U.S. territory whose residents are U.S. citizens, although they are ineligible to vote in Presidential elections. Therefore it is not necessary to travel with a passport to visit St.

Do I need a car in St Thomas?

Thomas. The quick answer is yes, you need a car. With so many places to explore on the island, driving is truly the best and easiest way to get around. You can take taxis, but it can often be a hassle to get a return ride.

What is there to do in St Thomas in the evening?

The Best Nightlife in St. Thomas
  • © Nightlife. Heavenly Days Catamaran. 4.9.
  • © Nightlife. Virgin Islands Ecotours. 4.9. …
  • © Nightlife. Hull Bay Hideaway. …
  • Nightlife. The Green House. 3.2.
  • © Nightlife. Fat Turtle. …
  • Nightlife. Rum Bar , St. Thomas. …
  • © Nightlife. Abi Beach Bar , Charlotte Amalie. …
  • Nightlife. The Keys Dueling Pianos , St. Thomas.
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Where does my cruise ship dock?

Depending on the depth of the water and the available infrastructure at the port you’re visiting, your ship will either dock at a pier or anchor offshore. If your ship is docked, you’ll be able to simply walk off the vessel directly onto dry land via a movable ramp called a gangway.

Where does Royal Caribbean dock in St Croix?

Ann E. Abramson Pier
Unlike other USVI islands, cruise ships don’t dock in the capital of St. Croix. Instead, ships dock at the Ann E. Abramson Pier in Frederiksted on the western side of the island.Mar 19, 2019

Where do cruise ships dock in Basseterre St Kitts?

Port Zante
Basseterre cruise terminal Cruise ships to St Kitts Island dock (anchor) at Basseterre’s Port Zante. Deep Water Harbour (Port Basseterre) is capable of both berthing and anchorage of cruise vessels and cargo ships. It is located in Bay’s extreme East.

Is St Croix allowing cruise ships?

Yes, St. Croix has something for everyone on a cruise ship visiting St. Croix! Your cruise ship will dock at the recently renovated waterfront of Frederiksted, the smaller of the two main towns on the island.

Are cruise ships going to St Croix?

Cruise ships arriving at this popular cruise destination dock at Frederiksted Pier officially named Ann E. Abramson Marine Facility, deepwater cruise ship pier located in Frederiksted.

St Croix, USVI Cruise Ship Schedule.
Ship Departure
Voyager Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean3938 passengers 22 Nov. – 18:00

Is St Maarten Open to cruise ships?

St. Maarten has been an essential factor in the restart of cruising in the Caribbean. The island was one of the first to welcome back cruise ships in June 2021 when Celebrity Millennium operated cruises from the port.

Where do the cruise ships dock in Tortola?

Road Town
Cruise ships to Tortola Island dock (anchor) at Road Town – port town on the central-southern coast. The port and its facilities are operated by BVI Port Authority.

Is St Thomas Safe 2021?

The U.S. Virgin Islands has reopened to travel with enhanced health and safety protocols in place amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. … Thomas—is among the most accessible to Americans, who won’t need a passport to visit or a negative COVID-19 test result to return home to the mainland U.S. after their trip.

Do you need passport to U.S. Virgin Islands?

As a United States Territory, travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands does not require a passport from U.S. citizens arriving from Puerto Rico or the U.S. mainland. Entry requirements for non-U.S. citizens are the same as for entering the United States from any foreign destination.

Are ferries running in St Thomas?

Mon-Sat ferry departs from the hotel every 30 minutes, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm – departs from the waterfront every 30 minutes, between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm. Sunday ferry is hourly from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Are there private beaches in St Thomas?

While the island has many secret coves and strips of sand only accessible by boat or a hike off the beaten path, St. Thomas has over a dozen beaches, each with their own charm, that are easily accessible and available on Public Sightseeing and Beach Hopping Tours and Private Beach Hopping Tours.

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Are there free beaches in St Thomas?

Magens Bay Beach, located on the Northside of St. Thomas is a mile of white, pebble free sand and calm waters.

Is it safe in St Thomas?

St. Thomas is a very safe island. It is a protectorate territory of the United States, and because of this the same laws and rules are obeyed that would be expected in any U.S. city back in North American mainland.

Where does celebrity dock in St Maarten?

Port Philipsburg
Cruise ships to St Maarten Island dock at Port Philipsburg – located on the island’s southern coast. The port is managed by the Harbour Group of Companies (port authority).

Are there sharks in St Maarten?

Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks are in particular abundance here, but you can also come across large barracudas, stingrays, eagle rays and sea turtles, all of whom are quite common in the clear blue waters around St. Maarten and appear to be very comfortable here.

Is Orient Beach Open now?

The remaining stretch of Orient Beach is wide open and both residents and return visitors can’t escape the beauty of the bay to be back in its natural state.

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