where is the show siesta key filmed

Where Is The Show Siesta Key Filmed?


Where is the Siesta Key house?

Sam Logan—former boyfriend of star Juliette Porter—is listing his Siesta Key home for just under $6.8 million…or 112 Bitcoin. The back of the home at 3936 Roberts Point Road. A spiral staircase leads to a rooftop terrace.

Is Siesta Key really filmed in Florida?

The entire season wasn’t filmed in one location, but parts of it were shot at a Sarasota beach resort. This enabled the cast and crew to stay in a sort of bubble, much like Jersey Shore Family Vacation and The Bachelor did in their 2020 seasons.

Where does the Siesta Key cast live?

Here’s How Much the Cast of ‘Siesta Key’ Makes. Inspired by Laguna Beach, the reality TV show Siesta Key follows a group of wealthy friends who live outside of Sarasota, Fla.

How real is the show Siesta Key?

Like most reality shows, there is a real grey are between the scripted and real parts of Siesta Key. One of the main characters of the first three seasons of Siesta Key was Alex Kompothecras.

How much is Alex from Siesta keys worth?

According to The Things, he may have some competition. Alex himself has an estimated net worth of around $2 million — but he’s not alone.

What is the most expensive house in Sarasota Florida?

$16,857,400. The most expensive home in Sarasota sits on five acres on New Pass on Lido Key on Westway Drive, a street where several of Sarasota’s priciest homes are located. The original home on the site was built by the late wholesale food magnate and philanthropist Daniel Kane in 1991.

Where is Alex Kompo house?

Alex’s private mansion – where everything seems to go down – is in fact visible along Siesta Key’s public beach. Nab a selfie by walking as far south on the sand as you can and looking for the massive property.

How much is Sam from Siesta Key Worth?

In 2019, E.W. Scripps Co earned a revenue of $1.42 billion. Given that 10% of $1 billion is $100 million, it’s safe to say that Sam Logan’s personal net worth is above $1 million.

Is Siesta Key worth visiting?

Siesta Key beach is one of the most famous beaches in Florida known for its many family-friendly amenities, sugar-white sand, and beautiful turquoise waters. If you are within at least two hours driving distance from Siesta Key Beach, Florida Gulf Coast’s number one beach, it’s definitely worth the visit.

Is Madison still with ish?

Siesta Key’s Madisson Hausburg is married! Hausburg said “I do” to fiancé Ismael “Ish” Soto on Thursday — and PEOPLE has exclusive photos from their sunset ceremony. … Hausburg, 27, announced her engagement to Soto, a former producer of the MTV reality series, in August 2020.

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Why is Sam so rich on Siesta Key?

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter is dating Sam Logan, whose wealth comes from his parents. His mom and dad are Elizabeth Logan and Sam Logan Sr. … His parents are very likely the reason why Sam lives large.

Was there a show before Siesta Key?

Siesta Key is an American reality television series that airs on MTV and premiered on July 31, 2017. The show was inspired by the early 2000s reality television series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. … On November 18, 2020, the series was renewed for a fourth season, which premiered on May 12, 2021.

What does ish do on Siesta Key?

What does Ish do for a living? As it happens, Madisson and Ish met through his work. Prior to their romance, he was a coexecutive producer on Siesta Key. Additionally, Ish’s LinkedIn page lists a number of other production jobs over the years — including roles with Prometheus Entertainment, Entertainment One and ITV.

How old is Juliette on Siesta Key?

24 years (July 7, 1997)

where is the show siesta key filmed
where is the show siesta key filmed

Who is Joe from Siesta Key?

Joe Ferrarelli is an actor, known for Siesta Key (2017) and Manifest Destiny (2012).

What is Juliette Porter salary?

According to Gossip Gist, Juliette’s estimated net worth is $400,000 and she is believed to be earning an annual salary of over $35,000. However, her income could be much higher than this since she enjoys a lifestyle as a social media influencer following her stint on the MTV reality show.

Is Sam on Siesta Key a billionaire?

Sam has been dubbed a “billionaire” on Siesta Key. His mother, Elizabeth, inherited part ownership of Scripps Networks, which owns major channels from Food Network to HGTV. The business was sold to Discovery for $14.6 billion in 2018. Sam has 10 percent ownership of Scripps Networks.

Who has the highest net worth on Siesta Key?

Madisson Hausburg: Net worth

According to The Things, the MTV personality’s fortune is estimated to be $600,000 which she has gained thanks to her long-term gig on Siesta Key.

Is Tom Cruise building a home in Sarasota?

Tom Cruise is reportedly in the process of moving into his massive new penthouse in Florida. The Mission Impossible actor has been designing the custom multi-million dollar property for over a year, and it happens to be located only 400 yards away from the Church of Scientology’s “Flag” building.

Who owns the Siesta Key house?

This home on Siesta Key owned by Gary Kompothecras of 1-800-ASK GARY fame — where his son lives — is the site of most of the action on MTV’s new young-adult reality show Siesta Key.

Who owns Siesta Key mansion?

10,000-square-foot Siesta Key home is a massive and spectacular renovation project. Not a single inch of the Siesta Key mansion owned by Donald and Karen Grierson lacks wow factor. And at 10,000 square feet, that’s a lot of wows.

Where do Kelsey and Chloe work on Siesta Key?

37: She really does work at the Tiki Bar with Chloe. 38: She got her name from her mother, who apparently had a dream that Canvas came to her and told her to name her “Canvas.” 39: She’s originally from Hawaii, but lived in Atlanta, GA before coming to Siesta Key.

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What does Juliette Porter do for a living?

Besides being a cast member in Siesta Key, Juliette Porter is an ambitious entrepreneur who owns a swimwear brand. Her upbringing inspired her career since she was brought up on the beach of Sarasota.

How much is Gary kompothecras house worth?

Gary Kompothecras, works as a chiropractor and founded the ASK-GARY medical/legal hotline. Their family is regarded as one of the wealthiest in Sarasota, Florida. In 2016, the Kompothecras’ mansion was listed at No. 10 in the Top 20 Most Expensive Homes in Sarasota — it’s worth a staggering $12,613,900.

What does Sam’s parents do from Siesta Key?

Sam’s parents come from lucrative families. Sam’s father, Samuel Logan Sr., is a businessman who is an essential part of his family’s construction business Logan Construction Group. The company is based out of Windermere, Fla.

What happened to canvas on Siesta Key?

While they didn’t end up hooking up, Canvas was the one to break the news to Madisson that Brandon had cheated on her with a random girl after one of their shows. … But, after a brief flirtation with Madisson’s sister Paige Hausburg, Canvas was never seen in Sarasota again and is now on OnlyFans.

What does Amanda Miller do for a living?

With over 300,000 social media followers, it will come as no surprise that she also makes money as an influencer. The reality star has promoted partnerships with clothing brand Fashion Nova, Malana CBD and more on her feed. As far as her long-term plans, Amanda wants to pursue a career in the film industry.

Which is better Sanibel or Siesta Key?

SK has by far the nicest beach/sand. Sanibel has the better shelling. They both have some good casual restaurants. Sanibel has more green space, most of it wild.

Is it better to stay in Siesta Key or Sarasota?

Siesta Key is one of the cheaper destinations in Florida, but it can still get pretty pricey during peak season. Sarasota offers more budget-friendly vacation rentals, it also has a livelier Downtown area with an endless assortment of bars, boutiques and restaurants to choose from.

Which beach is better Siesta Key or Sarasota?

Tripadvisor says Sarasota’s jewel is No. 17 in US

1 last year, Siesta Key Beach dropped in a travel company’s rankings of the best beaches in the United States. For its Traveler’s Choice Awards, Tripadvisor ranked the Sarasota beach No. … 1 U.S. ranking in 2020, Siesta was also ranked No. 11 in the world.

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Are Madisson and Ish still together 2021?

And there is no deeper pain than losing a child.” After their 2020 engagement, Hausburg married former “Siesta Key” producer Ismael “Ish” Soto in October 2021, just two months after the pair announced that they were expecting.

Was Ish Soto ever married?

Ish Soto aka Ishmael Soto is a famous producer. He is known for producing some of the awesome TV series. Mostly, he invests in survival and reality TV shows.

Ish Soto.
Name Ish Soto
Ethnicity White
Profession Producer
Married/Single Engaged
Wife Madisson Hausburg (Fiance)

Did Madisson and ISH get married?

Siesta Key stars Madisson Hausburg and Ish Soto married each other in a romantic Florida ceremony surrounded by their friends and costars. Congratulations are in order for Siesta Key stars Madisson Hausburg and Ish Soto as they recently wed in a romantic ceremony.

Where did Sam Logan get his money?

Although it’s not clear where he makes his money from, the outlet revealed that Sam is listed as a 10 % owner of the EW Scripps Co, a firm owned by his family. Now comes the interesting bit: The Scripps Networks once owned a string of major cable channels such as Food Network, HGTV, DIY Network and the Travel Channel.

Where is Alex from Siesta Key now?

Alex is the most disgraced star from Siesta Key, from his racist past to his celebrated firing. Since getting axed from the MTV reality show, Alex has taken a step back and is focusing on his girlfriend and one-year-old daughter.

What does Juliette from Siesta Key do?

Juliette Porter

Juliette pursued a career in fashion after graduating from Florida State University. She started working at Blend Fashion House, a boutique in Sarasota. She briefly put her new profession in jeopardy when she agreed to go on a vacation to Greece with then-boyfriend Robby Hayes.

What nationality is Camilla from Siesta Key?

All her life, Camilla was raised in a tight-knit Italian family, and the reality star can often be found exploring the Italian coast with her loved ones. Camilla was first introduced to the world of reality television in 2018 when she started dating Siesta Key star Brandon.

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